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Organic seed portfolio in climate change 2020-1-SK01-KA202-078264

Erasmus+ strategic partnership project
Project partners from Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Estonia, France and Portugal

The specific objectives of this project are:
•To identify the special training needs for VET educators and professionals involved in agri-business biodiversity safeguard and develop the Organic Portfolio Survival kit IO1
•To develop joint curriculum for expert organic seed and biodiversity profile, identifying the criteria and procedures to reach the qualifications needed and to be acquired IO2
•to improve and explore different forms of PRE-TESTING competences for VET educators
•To disseminate and exploit the results of the project, in order to develop a link between the partnership and key stakeholders or beneficiaries in the seed custody system.

Nakoľko pandemická situácia COVID 19 neumožňovala priame stretnutie projektových partnerov uskutočnilo sa online stretnutie partnerov projektu Organic seed portfolio in climate change 11.11.2020. Partneri diskutovali o budcich projektových aktivitách a stretnutiach v rámci projektu. Toto stretnutie bolo veľkým prínosom pre všetkých projektových partnerov.

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